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9 south park
19 naruto
3 bleach
1 sailor moon

here @ withlace

south park fan-art icons

⇒south park, art, social networking sites, persona trinity soul and persona 4 animation [episode 2]

New icons!

Hope you enjoy!



...so there's 50+ South Park icons over at my journal here.  Almost all are of Mysterion and the other superheroes, though there are a couple of Wendy and a bonus Tweek/Craig icon :D


Also, I wanted to ask you guys - where do you get the drawings you icon?  Are they done by you or is there a site you get them from?  How do I go about iconing fan art - do I have to contact the original artist?  Please help!

Thanks!  And I hope you enjoy the icons :D


Coon & Friends Icons

Hiii, this is my first time making icons, so they're pretty simple. I made a bunch of Coon & Friends over at my journal if anyone is interested. :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More here~


Fullmetal Alchemist= 20
Hetalia= 12
South Park= 12
Teen Titans= 24
Miscellaneous (Nana, Soul Eater, Usagi Drop, Saruyama, Tegami Bachi)= 8
Total = 76

Photobucket Photobucket

The rest are HERE at pinknblackicons

20 South Park icons

I've just posted another 20 South Park icons at my journal if anyone's interested:

Icon resources are listed here.
Please don't hotlink or re-post this batch.
Credit would be lovely!

Link: And they all lived happily ever after (except for Kyle who died from AIDS two weeks later)

I madez some icons!

And they're at my journal here in a multi-fandom post :D


icons & wallpapers

-Devil Summoner; Nocturne; Persona 3 & 4-
-Bleach; Tales of; Vocaloid; Digimon; Misc Fanart; Zelda-

-Evanescence; MSI; Gorillaz-

( here here here )

20 South Park icons

Hi, I have a small batch of South Park icons up for grabs at my journal if anyone's interested.

Icon resources are listed here.
Please don't hotlink or re-post these.
Credit would be lovely!

Link: You know, I learned something today...